Maeda Corporation, established in Japan in 1919, has incorporated the GKMC Construction and Consultancy Inc. in Turkey in 2014 on equal joint – stock basis and entered the Turkish construction sector.

GKMC is the first Turkish - Japanese equal joint-stock construction company operating in the Turkish contracting sector.

One of the purposes of GKMC Construction and Consultancy Inc. is to bring the advanced construction technologies in Japan to the Turkish construction sector while also using the Japanese financial power when necessary.

Accordingly, the GKMC intends to bring the anti-seismic construction technologies developed by and vast practical experience of Maeda Corporation in Japan to earthquake country of Turkey, and to provide alternative solutions to a major social problem of our country with earthquake-oriented innovative construction technologies.

GKMC Construction and Consultancy Inc. is a construction company focused on innovative solutions for seismic retrofitting of public buildings in our country such as schools, hospitals etc. with advanced and novel structural reinforcement technologies that is developed by R&D Institute of Maeda Corporation.

It is observed that the use of hospitals, schools, industrial facilities and public buildings in Turkey is interrupted during conventional retrofitting works, adversely affecting numerous people.

The most important feature of the structural reinforcement method promoted by GKMC in Turkey is that it is more economic and completed within a shorter time compared to conventional construction works, and it is applied externally without interrupting occupancy of the building. This method has been successfully used in many reinforced concrete structures such as schools and hospitals in Japan.

GKMC continues to develop innovative solutions with the sense of social responsibility and intention to contribute to resolution of the structural problem of buildings vis a vis earthquake in our country.

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About Maeda Corporation

Maeda Corporation, a comprehensive building and civil engineering contractor founded in Japan in 1919, has operated globally since 1963. With many years of expertise and know how in areas such as cost reduction, functional enhancement, risk avoidance, and anti-seismic solutions, Maeda Corporation can fully address all needs in construction projects from planning and design to construction and repair services. With over 6,000 employees, Maeda Corporation has built a portfolio of civil engineering projects ranging from dams, railroads, subterranean projects such as subways and tunnels to highways and bridges and also from water supply systems to hydro- thermal and nuclear power stations plants. Maeda also undertakes construction of public and commercial buildings such as schools, office buildings, and hospitals. In addition to its conventional construction business, Maeda is also involved in various works such as power generation from renewable energy sources, infrastructure construction and management (infrastructure management) operations including airport and highway.
Founded: 1919
Number of Staff: 6.929 employees ( Consolidated , 2021)
Total Sales Nearly US$ 6 billion - 2021
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