Maeda Corporation, a comprehensive building and civil engineering contractor founded in Japan in 1919, has operated globally since 1963. With many years of expertise and know how in areas such as cost reduction, functional enhancement, risk avoidance, and anti-seismic solutions, Maeda Corporation can fully address all needs in construction projects from planning and design to construction and repair services.

With over 6,000 employees, Maeda Corporation has built a
portfolio of civil engineering projects ranging from dams, railroads, subterranean projects such as subways and tunnels to highways and bridges and also from water supply systems to hydro- thermal and nuclear
power stations plants.

Maeda also undertakes construction of public and commercial buildings such as schools, office buildings, and hospitals. In addition to its conventional construction business, Maeda is also involved in various works such as power generation from renewable energy sources, infrastructure construction and management (infrastructure management) operations including airport and highway.

Founded: 1919
Number of Staff: 6.929 employees ( Consolidated , 2021)
Capital: US$ 249,000,000 ( Approximately )
Total Sales: Nearly US$ 6 billion - 2021

About Maeda Corporation

(Annual Report 2021)
2021, JAPAN

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